Tuna Salad

Preparation time 10 min.

Ingredients (2 people):

  • 1 Tuna steak, a couple of centimeters thick.
  • lettuces, I have used 4 types of lettuce, the greenest of all and red lettuce leaf.
  • Baby spinach.
  • Outbreaks of Canons.
  • A ripe tomato.
  • A small stalk celery.
  • 3 mint leaves.
  • Extra virgin olive oil Ramón Pérez, (obviously).
  • Balsamic vinegar.
  • will.

In a glass beater, all are placed lettuce leaves less red, canons, the spinach, celery, peeled and cut into pieces tomato and mint leaves. much oil is added to a mayonnaise, a little bit of salt, then correct, a jet of aceto and triturated with a mixer or processed glass or hand. We get a sort of mayonnaise-green gazpacho.

Cut into strips tuna for canes centimeter wide by the thickness of the fillet. I spread with a little oil, very little, because we do not want the fish cold; place it in a very hot iron no more than 5 seconds on each side.

In a bowl, It placed the "deconstructed salad", and center pieces of tuna. To top off a piece of red lettuce above all to color.

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